Mike Major sketching in Guanacaste Region, Costa Rica

Mike Major sketching in Guanacaste Region, Costa Rica

About the Artist

“From early childhood I loved to draw and mold clay. It was the one thing that heightened concentration to the point that time seemed to stand still. No other activity held my attention nearly as much as visual art. Living on a farm several miles from town, artwork became a daily source of entertainment and delight.”

- Michael Major

I have been a professional visual artist for 35+ years. During that time my work has evolved from drawings, painting and printmaking to bronze monumental sculpture. I have published a number of books of drawings and created scores of larger-than-life bronze monuments.


My master's work (Pratt Institute) was in printmaking including lithography, serigraphy and intaglio. I have been trained in monument restoration and have both created and restored monuments throughout the US. My hobby is flying my 1947 Bonanza. I've been a pilot for eleven years and travel to work sites throughout the country.

Ohioanna Award for Outstanding Service to Ohio in the Arts (2002)